Dr R & R

From: toni welsh (twelsh1@hotmail.com)
Thu Sep 21 06:57:57 2000

I have not had alot of time to be here, my sister just got out of the hospital, she has crohn's disease, like does my son, and she was in for pancreitis this time, she came home yesterday.

I still am having alot of pain, and no bowel movements, and that is getting to me, the stabbing pain is back, and now the meds from pain clinic seem to not help as much. I saw her yesterday, and she prescribed the fentanyl patch, and for some reason I am afraid to try it, I have fears of having reactions to new drugs, and also dread any withdrawels from any of the drugs.

I take trazadone, neurotin, and oxycontin, and she gave me the patch thinking it would help some with the constipation, since the medicine goes through the blood stream, and not through the bowels. Is there anyone ever been afraid to try new drugs, I was wondering if anyone has had relief from the patch.

Thank you all, and I have been thinking of all of you!

Love to all, Toni

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