Re: adhesions...theresa

From: theresa (
Sun Sep 24 13:05:23 2000

At Sat, 23 Sep 2000, toni welsh wrote: >
>At Sat, 23 Sep 2000, theresa wrote:
>>hello my name is theresa. i am new here. i have suffered adhesions for
>>8 years. i have an appt to see a genral surgeon on the 28. i have had
>>two partial bowel obstructions. i just wanted to introduce myself.
>What were your symptoms of partial obstruction?
>I am supposed to have a barium enema, and I am chicken to get this test!
>I know it probably will not show anything, adhesions do not show up on
>hello toni my symptons where that i would have a few bites and feel full. could not have a bowel movement. and pain i cannot even describe. it was horrific pain. i had my first obstruction in sept.97 then in may of 99 and now i am right were i was not even a year and a half ago. but i would either be like not able to poop or have diareahh. and the pain was on my right side and went all the way across my belly. i hope i did help you. i go thursday to my general surgeon. he seems real nice i will let you know how that goes. take care and you are in my prayers
>things just keep getting worse for me, I am going to see a general
>surgeon as soon as I can get more guarentees with suregry.

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