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Does anyone know if the FDA has approved the "Smart Bomb" yet? I read an article in the local newspaper about a year ago that this pain killer should be available before long. What is it? It's a pill that contains marijuana but doesn't have the same side affect.

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>Subject: TAKING CONTROL OF YOUR HEALTH....excellent!!!
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>[] TAKING CONTROL OF YOUR HEALTH...the information ( below ) is from this
>web site. There is more at the following web site:
>" When you are in pain, Only You know where you hurt, how much you hurt,
>what is working to help the pain, and what is not working for you. It is
>Your Ultimate decision as to how your healthcare is managed, and who is
>deciding on the management of that healthcare. You must be the number One
>person at the head of the TEAM Approach that is to manage your health.
>" You must have an interdisciplinary TEAM, which can and should include:
>You, Your Physician, Your Spouse/significant other, Your Therapist, Your
>Pharmacist, Your Family support system, Your Dietician etc...Establish a
>partnership with your health care team.
>" Keep a Journal to analyze how you are doing, what is working, what is not
>working for you, what is triggering an increase or decrease in the symptoms
>that you experience. In this way, you can share it with your team members
>without relying on a Foggy Brain to remember what is happening. You do not
>have to write in it everyday if you do not want to, but it will help you to
>recognize patterns initially so that you can make alterations to your care
>plan. You will realize how you felt on the darkest days, but that you have
>moved past that and felt better. It is also great to take to the Dr. so
>that he can also see patterns, and more objectively help you make changes.
>" Nutritional Deficiencies - Many People with Fibromyalgia Syndrome (PWFMS)
>suffer from Reactive Hypoglycemia. Dr. Paul St. Amand has an excellent diet
>for controlling hypoglycemia, as well as for losing weight on the stricter
>version without feeling hungry. Other diets some PWFMS use is the Zone
>Diet, by Dr. Barry Sears, and the Atkins diets . Both are available on the
>" Nutritional Supplements - are very beneficial to help stabilize the
>vitamin, Mineral, Amino Acid and Circulatory deficiencies exhibit through
>supplementation. I have another site linked on that subject linked below.
>Basically, keep it natural, with no additives, preservatives, colors, or
>flavors. Know what is in them. Beward of taking Herbs, unless you really
>understand them, what you can and cannot take with them, and what their
>side effects are. Remember that herbs are medicines that the ancients used
>before medical science began developing them. You must be educated in their
>use, or you may get into trouble with your health.
>" Medications are used by some PWFMS. Recommendation is also to use
>caution. Many medications such as Narcotics are contra- indicated in PWFMS.
>Remember that our bodies are not working normally, we do not synthesize
>chemicals properly, and we do not utilize chemicals sometimes the way the
>manufacturers intended them to be used by the normal person. No amount of a
>narcotic medication will completely take away the pain, it may dull it, or
>put you to sleep, so that you do not perceive the pain as much, but you pay
>for it with other side effects. There is No Miracle Drug to take away the
>pain, and cure the disease. Narcotics frequently interfere with Sleep, and
>we get precious little of the Stage 4 Deep Sleep as it is.
>" Mind Work - "Slow Me Down Lord", Physiological Quieting, Walking
>Meditation, Guided Imagery, Biofeedback and most importantly to me is
>Prayer Meditation with God. Find a way for your mind to be quieted, so it
>can rest and relax.
>" Body Work - I know you are exhausted and hurting, exercise is the last
>thing on your mind at this point!! But did you know that through
>exercising, you are increasing circulation to the starved muscles that are
>crying out in pain!! Muscles are starved from Poor Circulation. Proper Body
>Work can result in the Deepening and Slowing of your Breathing, taking in
>more oxygen, with less effort, breaking up tightened myofascia, diminishing
>muscle tension in trigger points, as well as providing them with more fuel
>and oxygen, which equals Less Pain. Now it is imperative that it be the
>right kind of exercise!! It must be very low impact, cardiovascular are the
>best for the oxygenation. If you exercise too hard, lactic acid buildups
>will increase your pain. Slow gentle stretches after a hot shower, or in
>the shower are good daily. Always warm the muscles before engaging in any
>kind of a workout. Walking is a great way, if you are able, even if it is
>on a treadmill. With a treadmill there is less stress, with increased
>cardiac output. You may walk farther with less stress and get a great
>cardiac workout. Your Dr, Physical Therapist, Occupational Therapist are
>all capable of helping you find the best exercise for your specific needs.
>" Massage Therapy - is one of my favorite ways to relax and get the kinks
>worked out. It is important that you get a Certified Massage Therapist who
>is educated in FMS, Myofascial (gentle) or Craniosacral Therapy. Massage
>that is too hard will increase your pain, and so will doing too much at a
>time. The first time that I had a massage, he worked me my neck, arms,
>upper and lower back. It felt great, but I could not walk out to my car and
>drive home, I was like a marshmallow, it was as if I had NO strength to put
>one foot in front of another, so now we work on less areas at a time. Treat
>Yourself Kindly - find ways to enjoy a treatment, which will decrease your
>pain, break up tight trigger points. I think it is worth investing in a
>massage once in awhile to treat myself. Just remember go slowly and gently.
>" Have Fun - Dr. Devin says in her book, "that it has been said, that it is
>pleasure that binds one to existence. To make life more worthwhile, spend
>more time having fun, engaging in an activity that makes you happy and
>keeps you totally focused."
>" If you quiet your mind, you can deal more effectively with the pain of
>your symptoms, then you will be more effective in coping with life, which
>is so precious, and you will not be tossed to and fro emotionally with
>stressors that happen in your everyday life.
>" Support System - gather your support system together, educate your family
>and friends. Target your efforts. Express yourself clearly without being
>too emotional or tearful if you can. Assert yourself calmly. Be Firm and
>Persistent about what you need. Don't forget to care for others, sometimes
>we get so wrapped up in our pain, we become blind to others needs and pain.
>Get involved with a FMS Support group in your area. If there isn't one
>functioning in your area, find out if there are any others there with FMS
>or CFS and start a group. It helps to have others who are experiencing the
>same problems, with FMS, I think it validates it in our minds, and lets us
>know we are not ALONE.
>" God Gives us the Dawn of a New Day Each and Every Day to do with what we
>need to. God also gives us the Strength to get through that Day, If we will
>only ASK.
>" THIS IS THE FIRST DAY OF THE REST OF YOUR LIFE, Make this day Count for a
>Positive Start in the Right Direction."
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