Re: Dr R & R

From: Robin (
Mon Sep 25 09:22:06 2000

I started out on the patch at 50mgs/hr & now I am at 100. I dont know what the withdrawl is, but, I am still a ways from finding out. You should at least try it. It will take about 12-24 hrs before it is built up in your system. I never had any adverse affects using the patch. "Try it, you may like it" Best of luck Robin

At Sun, 24 Sep 2000, toni welsh wrote: >
>Being out of the city the drs are in, how do you know if they feel they
>can help you? I do not think there is a dr in cinti, that is willy to
>really listen to me. Most of the general surgeons here, told my gyn
>they do not want to touch me. You get real gun shy of drs when they say
>this kind of thing to you. I am having so much pain, and still have not
>tried the fentynal patch, I am so afraid of withdrawing from all the
>meds, and I know I have to try this before I see the pain clinic on the
>tenth of october.
>Has any of you had relief from the patch, she prescribed 25 mgs for me.
>Are they safe?


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