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From: Bernie and Beverly Doucette (
Mon Sep 25 15:38:43 2000

Adhesions can impeded becoming pregnant due to constriction of the organs and tubes, but if you would consider IVF why not get to a specialist who not only deals with adhesions but fertility as well. Simply because you have adhesions on your reproductive organs does not mean your sterile, it means you could have a blockage from the adhesions.

Dr Harry Reich is the only surgeon in the world who can deal with your adhesion disease AND assist you in the area of fertility, and to have adhesions as the reason for not becoming pregnant is all the more reason to go to him alone!! Your young, you want children, and it is possible IF your only obstacle is the adhesions, I say, " only " because that just might be a very workable situation as I have heard of the miracles that Dr. Riech has worked in as far as a pregnancy accurruing folowing an adhesiolysis under his expertise.

Will the adhesions return, they MIGHT, but your best chance for a pregnancy AND with having an adhesiolysis with NON reforming adhesions lie in the hands of Dr. Harry Reich. Without him, you have little to no chance, in my opinion, for both of the aforementioned things to happen to you.

Your future at becoming a parent with suffering Adhesion Related Disease lies in Dr. Reich's hands.

Best of luck to you, Zoe.

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> Hi Zoe,
> I sure can relate to you. I am 30 and have no children. I went to the dr.
> last year and had the same problem. She could not see my left ovary on the
> ultra sound. I had one surgery and then a hysterectomy in Feb. of this
year. > please don't give up on having a child. I finally gave in and listen to my
> dr. about having the surgery, It didn't help anything except make me
> sterile. Now i have no chance to have a child and i would have done
anything > for one. Please know that you are not alone. The surgeries didn't do
> anything for me i am still in alot of pain. Hang in there and know you are
> not alone. Never give up on the dream of having a baby. Terri
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> From: Zoe <>
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<> > Date: Monday, September 25, 2000 5:45 AM
> Subject: Fertility
> >Hi,
> >I had a laparoscopy last week to see what has been the cause of my pain
> >since an ovarian ectopic pregnancy in January. The news was bad.
> >I have masses of adhesion which have stuck my bowel, appendix, uterus
> >etc together. They could not even see either of my ovaries of tubes and
> >the whole area is one solid mess - not even chewing gum like.
> >I'm told that the chances for fertility are slim as both my tubes are
> >probably blocked (although we will have tests later on to see what state
> >they are in). It was suggested to me that IVF may be my best change of
> >having a family.
> >Surgery may be an option but would be very complicated and risky given
> >the severity of the situation. And they chances of them all growing
> >back was very high. They were very open and informed about barriers
> >etc.
> >What I want to know is has any one else had a similar situation where
> >fertility is effected? And is pregancy dangerous i.e. might I tear an
> >organ etc?
> >Best wishes
> >Zoe
> >
> >--
> >Zoe (UK)
> >

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