The IAS ARCHIVES: Steps to help you search for information...

From: Helen Dynda (
Wed Feb 28 23:39:41 2001

There is alot of information stored in the ARCHIVES of the International Adhesions Society!! The following steps will help you in your search for information.

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[] The ARCHIVES of the International Adhesions Society

1.) Enter:

2.) Scroll down to: Search Adhesions Archives

3.) Enter search keywords in the box.

4.) Scroll down and click: Search Adhesions

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1.) At Step 3 ( above ) enter ANY search term you want...such as: Bowel obstruction, Endometriosis, GERD, Laparoscopy, etc.

2.) At Step 3 ( above ) enter the name -- or e-mail address -- of people, who have previously posted messages. For example:

2a.) Most of my postings have been about educational topics. To locate these easily...Enter: " Helen Dynda " in the box at Step 3 ( above ).

2b.) Beverly Doucette has shared alot of information from her personal experience -- as well as excellent commentary on controversial topics. To locate Bev's topics easily...Enter: "Bernie and Beverly" at Step 3 above ).

Enter keywords:
Returns per screen: Require all keywords: