Belinda about the Chinese Herbals

From: Wally (
Thu Mar 1 08:15:15 2001

Belinda, I see a traditional Chinese herbalist who uses roots, flowers, bark, seeds etc. The therapy is individual and is based on all of your symptoms. Even skin rashes can be related to what is happening inside our bodies. These herbs are then boiled in 4 cups of water until the liquid is reduced to one cup. The herbal is the drained into a cup & drunk while still warm.

It looks horrible & tastes worse! BUT I FEEL GREAT :-)

I am not using as many pain meds, and any sleep I get has been wonderful. I wake feeling refreshed & relaxed. We are still getting the bowel thing organised.....Gordon (my Herbalist) says that it is a matter of balance. I have improved enough already for him to concentrate on my "Chi" which is my energy.

I may still require some surgery, but Gordon says that I will at least be in much better shape, and should cope with it better & have a faster recovery. The herbal does include some sort of pain relief. I had a head cold last week, so Gordon even included some herbs to help with that, in just a couple of days it was gone!

To find a traditional herbalist, find a chinese grocer, or chinese community in your area & ask. Someone should be able to help. Make sure they have a lot of experience & understand western medication. This is very important, because sometime herbs & western medications can be a dangerous combination.

Best wishes Belinda, Wally :-)

You will never never know.......if you don't give it a go :)

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