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Thu Mar 1 11:04:51 2001


I would phone this doctor's office and tell them that you will not be paying for the office visit. When you made your appointment it was with the belief that you were going to receive medical treatment which you did not. Tell them that if they have any problems with that they should contact your insurance company. When you make an appointment with a physician you should be thoroughly examined.....there is no saying what could be wrong. What if you had an obstruction? You could have died. Thank heavens you didn't....but we need to stand up to the inadequate care we are receiving and where else will they notice it but in their pocketbooks. I would also contact my insurance company....after your chat with the clinic...and let them know of the inadequate care you received. Tell them that you have told them you do not want to pay for the bill....of course leave the door open for the possibility of the clinic fighting it.


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> Hey > > Well I went to the GI yesterday.I explained my pain. They didn't even > check my vital signs. He proceeded to call me fat not overweight or obese but > fat I am only 23 lbs. over weight for my heighth. Then he did not even check > me. I sat in the chair and he poked my side once and told me to go home > $135.00 and he was rude and uncaring by the time I got home I was all to > peices and my temperature was 101.My husband Joe comforted me for a while. > But it has made me feel like the ugliest person in the world the pain has > worsened today proably because i got so stressed out yesterday. I get so > tired of this bull so I went outside this morning and screamed for about 30 > min. The wind started whipping around really hard and I just started laughing > because I knew it was my sister saying get your crazy self back in the house > and try again, LOL > > Still looking and praying for help Dawn >

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