Re: where do we live from Sally

From: Sally Grigg (
Thu Mar 1 11:34:24 2001

Dear Colette, I log on in the morning after all of the Inn guests have been fed wonderful food that I can not eat, after I've talked to them about how lucky I am to live in paradise , and told them about all the lovely hikes that I can't do anymore and after I've made all the complicated schedules to make my business run with me in bed with two, two way radios for my help. At least I have help. By this time I'm in agony and try to gracefully disappear without bending over and sobbing.I look forward to this site as my lifeline to existance.I've often wondered if we could put where we live on our messages (not exactly, but for example, Northern California, upstate N.Y.etc.)

Colette wrote:

> I just want to thank you for being here for me i really need you guys
> and this sight. I would love to see if anyone lives close to me maybe
> we could get together. But i read here daily and thats what gets me
> through these hard days, God bless! I love you all!!!

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