Re: scared to death...

Thu Mar 1 12:08:11 2001

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU-little did I know that I was so close. I feel so fortunate to have this organization. My own grandmother lives 10 miles from Scranton and I will call them today. I live just outside Philadelphia and attend med school in the city itself. If you need anything while you are in the area please feel free to call on me. Both of my parents were raised outside Scranton and we would be happy to be your contact or kind support person on the East coast. You also were very kind to respond to my email. I would be eager to hear your story and I truly wish you the best on your surgery. Do you have a spouse? My poor husband is going through this with me and he too suffers with me for years now. I would be interested to see how spouses handle this. If AA has al anon for families, we should have one too, maybe we do--I am new to this. Thank you so much again! Regina T.

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