forward to Oprah,my computer skills are zilch

From: Sally Grigg (
Thu Mar 1 12:31:43 2001

Dear Oprah, My name is Sally Grigg and I am amongst the many women who suffer agonies of pain from abdominal adhesions caused by my hysterectomy . This sounds disgusting but my organs have grown together and the pain is overwhelming. There is little or nothing that can be done. I've been just about everywhere for relieve. Each surgury or laproscopic technique makes it worse. We have an adhesions internet site: Adhesions @ The first day I found the site I got 108 e-mails from fellow sufferers. We also have an Adhesions Quilt started. Women need to know about adhesions, they completely take over your life when you are in constant agony. The medical profession is just beginning to realize that its real and not "all in our minds". My problem has been going on for years and I've tried everything I can think of. I'm well-educated, and articulate and I used to be a fighter for life's important causes. I also used to be athletic and a long distance hiker. My husband and I own and operate a lovely ranch/Inn in the wilderness just south of the Lost Coast on the Pacific Ocean near Mendocino . Please help us by drawing attention to our problem. No one talks about adhesions until you get them and then its too late. If you look on my web site you'll see me feeding my baby bull, walking the llama, etc. Now my niece has those pleasures while I pray. Please, please, bring up the subject and let's see if someone can figure out a solution. I know I'm a nobody and that's okay, but if you wanted to talk to me I'm at 707-964-6725 or

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