Adhesions Quilt and Photos.....for Kath Findley

Thu Mar 1 15:04:52 2001

Dear Kath,

I don't have the slightest idea as to how to scan photos and then send them to the Adhesions Quilt so that the photo will appear with each person's story. Someone mentioned they had tried doing this; but it didn't work for them.

Would you consider sharing the steps that you took to scan your photo and then send it Adhesions Quilt so that the photo could be included with your story? You did such an outstanding job that I hope that you will want to share how you did this.

Thank you, Kath!!

Helen Dynda

~ ~ ~ ~

At Thu, 1 Mar 2001, kl Findlay wrote:

Hi, I have had my picture on the Quilt since June last year. I wrote to everyone suggesting that it would be good to put a face to a name, but no one was interested. I still think its a good Idea. In Friendship Kath Findlay

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