Re: Toni

From: toni welsh (
Fri Mar 2 08:26:53 2001

At Fri, 2 Mar 2001, Colette wrote: >
>I too would wake up in the middle of the night with those god awful
>cramping! I don't due that anymore once in awhile i do but very rarely!
>I'm doing ok except for the usual trying to get through the morning and
>days. Today i'm nausated and my tummy hurts around my incision are
>weird if you ask me, and my left side hurts but i'm hang in there. Do u
>have insant message? Anytime any of u or the other ladies want to chat i
>would love it. U guys can just im me under lucklady379. We do need
>like a chat room at certain times it would help us. U take care!
> Love Colette

No Colette, I have been on my sons computer for years, and my husband and I just bought this 2 weeks yesterday, and I am killing myself reading books to try to learn all that stuff, like instant messenger, that is what I did kast night til I felt better. I was only on the internet on his, and I am just learning. I LOVE having my own computer, I just cannot get my son to teach me everything, I will learn on my own. I just got on the scale, and I have lost 5 lbs since Sunday evening, I was gaining alittle, back to 98 lbs, my gyn was happy to see me gain after 3 years, it was not alot, but I slowed down on smokomg SOME, if I could feel better I MAY be able to stop.

I wish I could talk to you all when we need each other, Colette, where are you from? I live in Cincinnati, Ohio. The spring is getting close, and I hope this will all help us feel better. I LOVE to be outside. I am going to look for a new table and chairs for my patio, today, if I can get otu of here. I do bowl tonight, I try so hard, I have to live life, and the pain clinic was glad. Last week I could not get through the night. At leats I see my friends tonight, we were all a bowling family, my son has head 2 300 games , one in MArch 97 and one in March 99, I told him Wednesday he is due, and he roled a 758 deries, games were 260, 241, and a 257!! Close to "300". Bowlwers ultimate dream! I am very proud of my son, he will be 25 this year, hard to believe. Where do the years go????

Love, Toni

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