Re: welcome to Regina

From: Sally Grigg (
Sat Mar 3 11:54:08 2001

Dear Regina, Welcome aboard, I live in Northern California . Where are you from? I'm on the quilt. Pain, suffering, depression, frustration are in all of our messages. But we have this site. We can come here and say exactly what we want to. As you are a medical student you are in a unique position, that's both good and bad. We all have so much hostility to the doctors that its going to be hard for you as you discover (or probably already know) that so many doctors don't know what they are doing. But there are also some who are wonderful and do care. But there are limits to what they can do. We try to give each other hope, but sometimes have a bad day and our messages are borderline (xxxxxdirtywordxxxx) Hang in there. Peace and love to you. Sally Grigg

"Regina T." wrote:

> I spent last night, and I mean all night reading about everyone on the
> quilt. I posted my own information and read on. For the first time in
> so many years I don't feel alone. I cried through most of them as I
> feel the same exact pain and frustration as all of you do. Being a
> medical student I have attempted to research my condition but the
> medical community is so reluctant to "seriously" confront this issue. I
> am so glad to know that there are other "normal" people who truly suffer
> daily as I do. I am scared to death that this is a life sentance for me
> and any relief I get from surgery is lasting a shorter and shorter time.
> I thought I did well if I made it a year, then it was 9 months, then 4
> and now 8 weeks post-op. I am truly scared--I know too much about
> medicine and the risks of every invasive procedure and all the meds. I
> am hoping at least this way to get support and provide it too will
> help--I am desperate for the help. My prayers and sincere best thoughts
> and wishes to all of you, hang in there, tomorrow won't neccesarrily be
> better but we are not alone.
> --
> Regina D.Tartaglia
> Langhorne, PA

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