Re: Prayers needed for my father-in-law

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Sat Mar 3 12:59:58 2001

That's not necessarily what they are waiting could be what they are trying to prevent...there is a very delicate balance...a very fine line which is difficult for them to judge. If you go ahead and have surgery, a good surgeon knows you could end up with a perforated bowel...that goes undetected...and end up with a serious case of peritonitis and a colostomy or worse. If you wait...and you are able to keep your bowels may be able to postpone surgery for many many years...quite possibly never even needing surgery. If your insides are totally trashed then your best option may very well be waiting...I would seek the recommendations of every surgeon who has ever seen the inside of your abdomen. If you have a video that is even better. There are no identifiable organs in my video. It's virtually impossible to navigate the video without a narrator who has been in there. There are some folks who will continue to form adhesions regardless of any and every effort a surgeon makes to prevent them. If you have had good surgeons and they have used every possible means at their disposal to help you with your adhesive problem and you end up with more adhesions after each surgery...then you may want to consider pain control and work to keep the bowels operating smoothly. It was difficult for me to come to terms with the fact that I will live my life in pain...unless something advances in medicine. My body cannot tolerate any surgery. I realize I may someday need it. You'll need to be very aware of the symptoms of obstruction and of a perforated bowel and should you have any symptoms run to your doctor and/or the ER. Better safe than sorry. There are two sides to every coin. There are pros and cons pertaining to surgery. Some less known about as well...the ones you rarely hear about. I have been where your Father in law is now...multiple times...and it is scary and will change your life. I'll be praying for your Father in law and I wish him a speedy recovery and much strength. Sign me, sitting here with a colostomy

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> This has been a really hard week for my family.My
> father-in-law had been in the hospital for a couple days
> when we got a call on Feb,28 at 1;30 in the middle of night that he
> needed emergency abdominal surgery or he could die.
> My husband and I went to the hospital to be with his
> mother. He came out of the surgery with 8 inches of his
> colon removed, a twist in his small bowel and a colostomy
> bag.He also was full of infection from a perferation.The Dr
> said he is healing well. It is going to be a long hard road
> for him and his family. Thats why I am asking for prayers for them.This
> may sound really selfish but this scares me!!! Is this what the Drs are
> telling me to wait for before they do anything for me and my bowel
> problems? My poor husband has really had his share of hard times lately.
> Thanks for listening. BIG PAIN FREE HUGS ~Browkenwing~
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> ~Brokenwing~

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