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From: KathFindlay (
Sat Mar 3 16:05:36 2001

Dear Helen, Jean, Millie and Friends, I have discussed the problem of uploading the photos of yourselves on the Quilt with my webmaster who put my photo up for me. I am afraid that it is not that straight forward as there is a problem with the programme that was written for the quilt. My webmaster had to re write mine. We will look into it and get back to you. Theoretically you should be able to go through these three stages to upload your photo on the quilt.

Stage 1) First you need to have your photo scanned. This can be done at printing, photographic and copy shops if you do not have a scanner or digital camera at home. In the UK you can also have this done on CD at Boots the Chemist (pharmacy) photoprossesing dept. It is usually cheaper to fill the CD with photos in one go, than to keep going back to the shop with single photos. It would be cheaper if you could get people together from the same area on the one CD. Once on CD you can use these pictures for all sorts of things. A passport size photo is sufficient, this is what I used.

Stage 2) You need to take the floppy disc or CD with the scanned jpeg, giff or which ever format that you normally use and load it up on your PC. If you are not familiar with this, I can explain it in more detail.

Stage 3) Now you should be able to insert the file into the box provided on the quilt and your photo should appear like mine but as I said before there is a problem with the programme.

Two years ago I published a book for a group that I was involved with and I scanned all the pictures on to CD which I was left to pay for this left me feeling bad and I would not wish to be in or put anyone else in that position again. I suggest that you discuss this with David Wiseman and see what he can do for you.

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Dear Kath, I don't have the slightest idea as to how to scan photos and then send them to the Adhesions Quilt so that the photo will appear with each person's story. Someone mentioned they had tried doing this; but it didn't work for them.

Would you consider sharing the steps that you took to scan your photo and then send it Adhesions Quilt so that the photo could be included with your story? You did such an outstanding job that I hope that you will want to share how you did this.

Thank you, Kath!!

Helen Dynda


Kathy, Could you tell me how and under what format you uploaded your photo onto the quilt? I know "how" to do this since I already have a photo album on the internet with hundreds of photos I have up-loaded, BUT when I tried it on the quilt they were rejected. I tried JPG and TIF and it wouldn't accept either one! MUST you have IE4 to do it??? Like most people I have IE5 and sure wouldn't want to down-grade! I uploaded them under "all files". I don't know what else to try since I did follow the directions (except for IE4).

I emailed the administrator but NO-ONE REPLIED as to why they were rejected! JEAN

Subject: Re: Just a Suggestion!

Hi, I have had my picture on the Quilt since June last year. I wrote to everyone suggesting that it would be good to put a face to a name, but no one was interested. I still think its a good Idea. In Friendship Kath Findlay

Subject: Re: Just a Suggestion!

I love your idea Jean....wonder if they could incorporate the pics with our stories on the quilt?

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