Still feeling so bad

From: toni welsh (
Sat Mar 3 16:52:46 2001

Should I go back to ER? I am NOT used to these HARD cramps, they come and go and they are in the upper part, right under my rib cage. They are real hard for a few minutes, and then it eases up. But it keeps coming back, I just ate some soup, and do not understand this. They hurt alot, and I am used to all the pain in my LOWER pelvis, I raelly hate tp keep being a pain, but I have suffered ll day since I are that roll. I do not know which laxative to take tonight, the searches I did said something about not taking to strong of one, the drs did not say!

The only thing he said was if the fleet dod not work, and it probably won't, and it didn't, to take a regular enema bag, and use warm water enema. It has been a long time for one of those, you would think the dr would have taken care of all this when I was there. I have alot of swelling again, even after losing some weight this week, the enema worked ALITTLE, has anyone else known that impaction causes diarreha? I was reading on one of the forums, and it said sometimes it causes explosive diarreha!

I am really pretty scraed right now, I took some of my Zantac this morning and it wased alittle, but it keeps coming back. Like I had said earlier, I did not eat yesterday, except a SMALL piece of fish in the evening, and I was better for yesterday, but it KEEPS comings BACK!!

Sick and tired, Toni

This is not a sign that I could obstruct is it? HELP!! I hate to keep complaining, but I even hate to keep telling my husband, I don't til I cannot take it anymore!

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