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Karla its nice to see you post again. I often thought and worried about you but did not wish to invade your privacy. I hope now that you are back as it were, that you are feeling better. I just wanted to say that everything that you said in your post to Kelly is how I feel very strongly about but this does not get said often enough. Everyone seems to think that if they have surgery by the special Drs that they will be cured. They do not seem to realize that these Drs are human not miracle workers and there is so many other things to take into consideration if their adhesiolysis is to work. i.e.: Their age how many surgeries they have had, how bad is their adhesions etc etc. We cant stress enough that research is the answer. They must do research before contemplating surgery. I had an adhesiolysis procedure done in 95 and I thought that I was cured. Then the pain returned in 99 I was devastated but I thought OK I will have it done again. This time I will be cured, they are removing all my reproductive organs which they say aggravates the adhesions. I will no longer be a real woman but at least I wont have adhesions. This will be it I thought when I had my Adhesions taken away along with my womanhood, cured at last and why shouldn't I. It will be done by the same surgeon who gave me years pain free. Well as you have guessed It didn't work this time. I believe I had a very good surgeon with good surgical technique and meticulously clean. What had I not considered was my age, how bad my adhesions were, how many bad surgeries had I had in the past, burst ovarian cysts and tubes, and even the fact that I am an excellent healer could be the problem who knows. There is still not enough research and statistics available as yet, to take the risk of surgery. We still need to educate ourselves and our Drs. in Friendship Kath Findlay.

PS I eat like a sparrow and I put on lots of weight, I dont understand it.

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You mention an appointment with a surgeon coming up. Please reconsider any surgery until you are fully educated regarding adhesions. With each surgery your adhesions worsen....unless your surgery is performed by one of the very few doctors that use the proper technique. You must question these doctors....why do they feel they need to do surgery? The best thing a surgeon can do for you is say no. Even if you are having major pain having surgery is not always the answer. Finding a doctor that is skilled in adhesion removal is definitely the key. There are many surgeons out there that say they know what they are doing....but you need to check their technique. If they do not do meticulous clot evacuation and leave copious amounts of ringers lactacte within your abdomen then you need to find another surgeon. They should be more than willing to discuss their technique...if they aren't run as fast as you can. There are also doctors out there that advertise they can take care of your adhesions in 1 to 13 surgical procedures. Why would anyone want to subject their body to that many procedures? Being scared is probably the best thing that can happen to makes you ask questions. We cannot put our faith in the medical system. We are discovering that physicians often are working for their best interests. Each surgery that they perform is money in their pockets.

Kelly, I only say this because I know! Since 1991 I have had 26 major abdominal surgeries....the shortest being 4 hours long. In my lifetime I have had close to 40 major surgeries. I put my trust in doctors that I thought were working in my best interest....only to find out that surgeries were botched....procedures were performed that didn't need to be...and this all has very seriously affected my life to the point that I am ready to die. If the Lord wanted to take me I would be ready with open arms. My story is a very long and complicated one....please feel free to read it on the is Karla N. If I can prevent anyone from making the mistakes that I have made I have accomplished my goals. The key to surviving with adhesions is to educate yourself. Stand up for your rights. If you are in pain and your physician does not prescribe drugs that take care of the pain you must stand up for your rights. Every person has the right to be as pain free as possible. We just have to retrain ourselves to be the ones that take charge when we visit the doctor.

God Bless and should you have any further questions feel free to ask.


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> At Fri, 02 Mar 2001, Michael Murray wrote:
> >
> >Jenny,
> >I have had a total of 5 pelvic surgeries, the last one was for adhesion
> >removal. I got diagnosed with everything from Chrones to IBS. I knew
that this > >wasn't the problem. I finally had a Dr. go in and look 1 year ago and he
> >removed adhesions. Very soon afterwards, I was sick again. I went back
and he > >said "Sorry, I removed the adhesions, I don't know what is wrong." I
then went > >to a Gast. who said I had a functional disorder. Then went to the
"famous > >clinic" and was told that it was IBS. Finally, went to a Internist here
and > >she said that it was the adhesions back. Not one other Dr. that I had
> >previously went to told me that adhesions can come back. I was very angry
at all > >of these Drs.(especially at the clinic) that either asked me if I was in
their > >office for "Drugs" or told me "Don't think about being in pain and it
will hot > >hurt."
> >I am now going to Pain Management and am on several drugs, and I do feel
better > >most days, but some are not so good. I have an appt. to see a surgeon
next week > >but am hesitant to have surgery again.
> >Unlike a lot of you, I have gained weight. I think I eat to try to make
my > >stomache feel better and I am less active now. Has anyone else out there
gained > >weight?
> >Kelly

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