R&R ADHESIONS: Harry Reich, MD...Jay Redan, MD...and Clark Gerhart, MD

From: Helen Dynda (olddad66@runestone.net)
Sat Mar 3 21:43:08 2001

[] R&R ADHESIONS: Harry Reich, MD ... Jay Redan, MD ... Clark Gerhart, MD

R&R Adhesions is a team of surgeons founded by the world-renowned, advanced laparoscopic gynecologic surgeon, Harry Reich, MD. Dr. Reich has extensive experience with laparoscopic procedures, having helped pioneer modern laparoscopy in the late 1980s. He has developed a number of new techniques and instruments, and lectures across the country and around the world teaching other surgeons about these new advances. Dr. Reich works with Dr. John DeCaprio, also a skilled laparoscopic gynecologist, treating gynecologic disorders.

Dr. Reich has developed a special interest in ARD and has sought to deal with this very difficult patient problem through the formation of a surgical team of skilled laparoscopic surgeons with experience in laparoscopic adhesion surgery. Since adhesions often involve abdominal organs other than the pelvic and gynecologic organs, Dr. Reich has included advanced laparoscopic general surgeons in the surgical team. Dr. Jay Redan and Dr. Clark Gerhart also have been involved in the development of new laparoscopic techniques and instrumentation and have lectured widely on these subjects. The combination of skilled gynecologic and general surgeons produces a unique surgical team that is well equipped to deal with the extensive adhesions often encountered in ARD patients.

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[] For more information about R&R Adhesions, call 1-877-527-7874 or e-mail us at hsa@epix.net. You can also find out more about R&R Adhesion surgeons by visiting http://www.adlap.com.

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