Re: Colette--Your appointment next Friday

From: jenny low (
Sun Mar 4 15:21:55 2001


I'm glad that your appointment is Tuesday then! That's great! About the forgetfulness, have your ever been looking for something and had it in your hand all the time? OR been lloking for your glasses/sunglasses and were either wearing them or had them up on your head? These are the kinds of things I do all the time. Or I go to my room to get something and by the time I get there I forget what I went to get. SO I head back the other way just to have to turn back around because I finally remember. And then there are those times that I forget what I am talking about in mid sentence. I think the more kids I've had the more I have become scatter brained. So, you are not so bad after all huh? See there is always someone worse off that yourself!

Love ya, Jenny

>From: (Colette )
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>Subject: Re: Colette--Your appointment next Friday
>Date: Fri, 2 Mar 2001 16:49:32 -0600
>At Fri, 02 Mar 2001, jenny low wrote:
> >
> >Hi Colette,
> >
> >I jsut thought you might want to check and make sure that your
> >is not on Tuesday. Tuesday is March 6th. Today is March 2nd. I have my
> >postop appointment next Friday on the 9th. I jsut thought I would say
> >something because the last time my doctor's office made the mistake of
> >telling me my appointment was Wednesday, January 30. Well the 30th was on
> >the Tuesday so I went on Tuesday because she said the 30th. ANd my
> >appointment was supposed to be Wednesday, the 31st. I went home upset
> >because I had gone without my pain meds so I could drive myself only to
> >told he was in surgery and I would have to come back the next day. Hey
> >would be great if it was Tuesday! That would mean you would get to see
> >sooner. And maybe you would get some relief! Keep us
>posted on your visit.
>Ok it is tuesday oh my gosh yaaa!!! sooner than i thought. thank u so
>much i do these silly things like get mixed up. today i put my hair
>brush down and still don't remember where i put it i swear my mind has
>left me ooh no!! Well that is nice to know thank u for reminding me.
>your a sweetheart love this site its so nice to have all this help love
> >
> >Love and hugs,
> >Jenny
> >
> >>From: (Colette )
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> >>To: Multiple recipients of list ADHESIONS
> >><>
> >>Subject: Brokenwing and others i was on librax!!
> >>Date: Fri, 2 Mar 2001 15:20:18 -0600
> >>
> >>The librax is to calm your insides down sorta to help them relax.
> >>Sometimes it works sometimes it does'nt. I too have trouble eating
> >>today i finnally ate some scrabbled eggs and boy my tummy hurt an hour
> >>afterwards. Its so hard to eat but after a week i had to eat something
> >>ouch!!
> >>Years ago i was on amtriplyne which is stronger than librax and it
> >>worked great. But it won't take care of the bowel problems, it will
> >>just hope u cope better i guess!! they put me on that because i lost so
> >>much weight and could'nt eat back then because of IBS same thing i
> >>guess. I know i have adhesions cause the pain is awful around my
> >>incision area.. The specialist i went too i did not like him. I am
> >>seeing a gasteroligist on march 6 next friday and she is female i hope
> >>she is better than the last doc. cause i could use some librax or
> >>amtriplyne. u hang in there, big hugs and lots of love your way
> >> Colette
> >>

> >
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