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From: Jean Long (
Sun Mar 4 19:39:30 2001

I too have learned to live my life every day in pain. I definitely didn't go 13 years between adhesion surgeries this time without pain, by all means. I just did whatever I could and had to do to hang in there as long as I could! As long as I could keep functioning I was happy.

I don't even know what it is like to never have pain somewhere, and that has been most of my life, even as a child.

To make it these 13 years I had to stop wearing any kind of zipper pants or set-in waistbands, took more & more laxatives to move my bowels, massage my belly, sleep with heating pads, loosened elastic on pants, totally stay away from carbonation, etc. etc.

I went on Prilosec after the heartburn got to be a huge ball of fire that "never" went away which was 8 years ago. I eventually had to quit working for other people because my employers didn't understand when I missed a day occasionally due to abdominal pain and surgeries. I then did cleaning for people for a few years till my hip gave out completely, forcing me to quit and have it replaced in 1994. In 1992 we also had moved my mother-in-law with Alzheimer's in with us for 3 years and I took care of her. It was either me or a nursing home and I pitied her. Even with all my pains and after a brand new hip replacement myself I was giving her baths, feeding her, washing & fixing her hair, pulling her out of tubs and cars etc. She was twice my size.

I then had to start my own business in 1995 due to my hip problem which prevented me from standing a whole day and also carpal tunnel preventing me from doing any kind of repetitious sitting jobs.

I never took pain pills until my 3 very major surgeries just this past year because they stop up the bowels even more. I also got to the point of not even being able to stand or walk anymore a year ago (very short intervals). The hip surgeries last year have not helped me to walk and I now know it is all connected to my adhesions. I now know I can't hang in there any longer, it has been long enough.......I MUST have surgery if I ever want to function again. I did hang in there for a long, long time. My constipation, abdominal, pelvic, back, butt and hip pains just keep getting worse every day. I now get sharp knife-like pains (like labor pains) which last off and on all night until morning sometimes. If I got them before it would last 1/2 to 1 hour then I would move my bowels or pass gas and I would feel better but it doesn't stop for many hours now. Occasionally I am blessed with a good week (bearable). Even now I try desperately to stay away from pain pills but I just can't do it anymore.....this past week has been a nightmare because I refused to take them and the pain got very bad. I can't hold onto my business that way, and my husband also pointed out that "I was freaking out" because of trying to endure the pain. JEAN

Quote of the day: Don't walk in front of me, I may not follow. Don't walk behind me, I may not lead. "Walk beside me and be my friend."

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From: Helen Dynda To: Multiple recipients of list ADHESIONS Sent: Saturday, March 03, 2001 11:55 AM Subject: Your pain threshold can be elevated -- or lowered -- based on your emotional response to pain.

Sherry Marie posted the following message on July 10, 2000:

Chronic pain has become a part of my life. I try to consider pain to be a part of living. It is an expected and necessary part of our interaction with the environment. Pain can be viewed as a reminder of being alive. Fear, anxiety and depression can modulate one's perception of how bad the pain is.

One's pain threshold can be elevated or lowered based on emotional responses. Chronic pain persists long after we would expect it to go away. It can disrupt virtually every aspect of our normal pattern of living. And it may ultimately require us to make some major, long-term changes in our life-style.

All pain is real, whether or not physicians can find a clinical reason for it. It's your body and you know if something hurts! Doubting your own perceptions will just add emotional pain to the physical pain you are already experiencing. I feel a support group helps to give validity to your personal experience, as well as allows you to vent your feelings of depression or anger. Realize that it is O.K. Sherry Marie

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