Re: cause of adhesions

From: Jean Long (
Sun Mar 4 21:53:39 2001

Millie, I was feeling pretty bad most of the week so it took awhile to get back to you. My carpal tunnel was also getting bad from too much typing.

I am sure my Cesarean Sections caused the adhesions, especially since the first one burst open with infection. It was wide open and draining for 3 months and had a big patch on it! The scar tissue is extremely deep and thick from having to close up from the inside-out. I was only 18 at the time and it caused a very deep indentation along the pubic area. I am still a fairly small person but now with age (52 this month) it has created a roll from sipping in so hard. The 2nd C-Section just made things much worse and then I had the hysterectomy. It has been down hill ever since.

I had "partial" bowel obstructions due to adhesions. JEAN

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Hi, Jean, What caused your adhesions? I had that TAH, which I now see I didn't need. I went to the ob/gyn today and told her that I am worse since the surgery. I told her I'm starved but can't eat much because it feels as if everything died. I told her I can't lay flat, and if I turn on my side, then roll back, I get pains thru my belly as if the intestines are all knotted. She tried to tell me I look much better since the TAH. I told her I'm worse. She said the path. report only showed a few tiny fibroids. So I asked her why she removed everything. "Because you were crying and said you had pelvic pain." I told her I have more pains than ever, and that I feel the adhesions are back. She said it could be, but she doubts it. I guess she doesn't want to see me anymore. The mess is made. The $$$$ are made, so I don't count. Did you ever have a bowel obstruction? I am deathly scared of that. Please keep in touch. Millie

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