Re: Got a question

From: Colette (
Mon Mar 5 15:28:16 2001

At Mon, 5 Mar 2001, Teresa Waldrop wrote: >
>Could someone tell me what fibriomyalgia (?spelling?) is? Dr. Parker, the hypnotherapist I use, has been helping a lady that has it. She is doing alot better now that she is going to him.
>Thanks - Teresa

Hi teresa Fibromyalgia affects the joints and muscles. Like your knees elbows, neck, back ect.. It cause fatigue achiness, stiffness. Its sorta like having the flu but it never goes away. Go to Medline health, go to diseases and look under fibromyalagia and it will tell you. I wish i knew how to cut and paste but i hae'nt learned that yet. hope that helps a little. Colette

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