Re: Toni.....I'm glad you're feeling better!

From: Kate Murphy (
Tue Mar 6 07:15:52 2001

On 6 Mar 2001, at 6:55, toni welsh wrote:

> No I only talked to the dr yesterday, he thought that it was probaly an
> impacted colon. It makes sens I guess. I have been pushing water, I
> NEVER dringit, I hate water. I bouhgt a bottle of it Sturday when the
> pain scared me at the flea market, and am forcing myself now that this
> scared me, and maybe that will help me. For years the drs have yelled
> at me about not drinking water. I know now I have to drink it.


Here's a suggestion: get a big "sipper" from one of the places that give them away -- or sell them cheap -- for soft drinks. Fill it with bottled water and a slice of lemon and keep it next to you. It will get water down much more easily and steadily.

Water is key to preventing constipation. If you are taking any kind of fiber supplement, you've got to have lots more water.


Kate Murphy

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