Pain Medication Financial Assistance: Information for Patients

From: Helen Dynda (
Tue Mar 6 12:56:42 2001

[] Pain Medication Financial Assistance: Information for Patients

Are you taking your pain medication as the doctor instructed you to or are you having to suffer pain due to lack of money to take them properly. Some patients or their families have reported that the pain medication prescribed is not helping the way they would like for it to. After a review of the way some patients take medications it has been found that some were breaking their pills in two to stretch their medicine and decrease the cost with the poor pain control as a result.

It is very important that you take your pain medication as instructed to give you the best results. Most pain medications are ordered around the clock and should be taken regularly to reach a therapeutic blood level. Take the right amount at the right time.

Here are some helpful resources to help you fill your prescriptions.

1.) Ask your doctor for samples or ask him/her to order the generic equivalent of your medication.

2.) Contact your local hospital's social worker. They will help you find the program that fits your needs and more important achieve pain relief.

3.) All drug companies must have an assistance program to help those in need. Americans Access to Care Program 1-800-729-4544.

4.) You may be VA eligible and not realize it, if you served in any capacity, doesn't always have to be active or injured, as long as you had an honorable discharge. This also applies to spouses and widows of veterans that were disabled.

5.) Churches will usually help in short-term situations.

6) You may qualify for state assistance and be able to go to your state's hospital and receive your medications through the state.

You felt bad enough to go to the doctor in the first place and it is important for you to feel good and be able to do the things you want to do, so make a call and get the help you need.

Hopefully, relief will soon be on the way for you !

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