Pain Clinic

From: Michael Murray (
Wed Mar 7 14:59:17 2001

Stacey, I have been going to a Pain Clinic. They assess your pain then either give you meds or site injections. I am on about 5 or 6 different meds and I go back in a couple of weeks where he will do site injections. If the meds work good, then I don't think they do injections. When I first started on the meds (Muscle relaxants and others, and a anti-seizure med that is supposed to work good on pain, they seemed to work good, then my pain went back up.But, I am not good at taking the meds like I am suppose to. Now I am trying to take them when I should. I don't know how the injections will work, but I will let you know. One other thing, when I started on the meds, I felt dizzy and out of touch but now have gotton use to them. So, if your meds make you feel funny at first, that is normal I think. Kelly

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