FW: Re Chat room [uk.adhesions]

From: KathFindlay (klfindlay@adhesions.org.uk)
Wed Mar 7 16:01:38 2001

-----Original Message----- From: UKAS Webmaster [mailto:webmaster@adhesions.org.uk] Sent: 07 March 2001 20:07 To: The UK Adhesions discussion List Subject: Re: Re Chat room [uk.adhesions]

THIS IS THE CORRECT URL http://www.adhesions.org.uk/chat.html Kath had an s after the chat which was wrong, sorry

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-----Original Message----- From: KathFindlay [mailto:klfindlay@adhesions.org.uk] Sent: 07 March 2001 18:37 To: Adhesions UK Subject: Re Chat room [uk.adhesions]

Colette and friends, Go to http://www.adhesions.org.uk and if you run your cursor along the buttons at the top you will see the chat room button. It is the second last button. Once you have the chat room, cut and paste the url and ad it to your favourites.

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