Re: Message Board / Chat Room...How do they differ?

From: Suze (
Wed Mar 7 17:56:22 2001

I have to agree with all Jo said and not just cause she is a fellow Aussie!! I to felt so much when I found this site and it has been so much help to me, our Medical system seems to be very different from the usa, so was great to find other people from this country to talk to. there are some days when things get a bit much talking *live* does really help just to vent, not feel so alone etc etc that we have all felt. This message board has so much to offer and does just the things that helen does is such a big help but a chat room can be a add on to this great site not take away from it at all, they could work well together. Hope you are all having a good one today Take care Suze (in oz)

Wally wrote:

> At Wed, 7 Mar 2001, Helen Dynda wrote:
> >
> >>How does a Chat Room differ from a Message Board? Please post your opinions
> >on the Message Board. I would really like to know what is so appealing
> >about a Chat Room. Thank you!
> >
> Helen,
> The reason for a chatroom, or using ICQ is that it is interactive. Just
> in the last few days I have found 4 Aussies who visit this forum that I
> wasn't previously aware of. With ICQ I know if someone one my contact
> list is on line at the same time as me. So I can actually be working in
> another area on my computer, but still have a conversation with someone
> on the other side of the world, or a few streets away.
> The benefits to me is that I have found by generally getting to know
> these other ladies I have been able to gleen some very useful
> information regarding doctors, hospitals etc here in Australia. The USA
> medical system is so different, and sometimes the messages on the board
> can be confusing.
> Another point is that we are trying to support each other through tough
> times, whether it be a particularly bad pain day or frustration with
> Doctors or in the USA Insurance companies! It is so much easier to be
> able to have someone you can interact with immediately as these feelings
> occur. I guess we could compare it to the AA buddy system, when an
> alchoholic feels the need for a drink, he/she can ring a support person
> to help them work through these feelings.
> >
> I believe that the message board serves a very important purpose, and
> that is particularly in promoting awarenes of our condition, but the
> night I found this board, and was crying my eyes out as I read
> on.....would have been trully amazing had I been able to tap into an
> area where I could get an instant reponse to my questions and feelings.
> Keep up the great work Helen, I know I appreciate all the postings here
> from you, and of-course the others.
> Wally (Joanne) ICQ# 36199985
> --
> You will never never know.......if you don't give it a go :)

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