having a really bad night:(

From: Colette (anonymous@medispecialty.com)
Wed Mar 7 22:22:24 2001

I wish i knew what is wrong with me. my back kinda where your kidney is hurts sooo bad its like a sharp stabbing pain constant, we went to the store to return some vidios i thought i was going to pass out. I made it home and laid down did'nt help much. Its been like this for the last 2 days but no its getting worse. And i'm not doing anything out of the ordinary. I even had to stop my walks due to the pain. I know its not constipation i'v been od-ing on laxatives so i'v been going and of course i don't eat much so god only knows. I'm getting so depressed again. my kids are not listening coming in late and hubby does not help at all lately tells me he has to work so that he can pay for my medical ins. Wow he works but when he gets home by the end of the night were fighting. Gosh between the stress and the cramping and my side hurting the nausa fatigue not sleeping and constipation boy what a mess i am. Ohh!! this pain in my side it also raidates down into my butt and shoots down my legs ouch!! I read the article on pain relief well 2 weeks ago when i was in the ER they should'nt of let me go i was in so much pain and almost did'nt make it home they gave me nothing.well they are going to hear it! I',m on prevacid for my nausa it helps a little but i just started it yesterday i guess i need to give it time. Well gotta go my side needs heat talk to you in the morning i hope

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