Re: Back from the GI Specialist!!!

From: Colette (
Thu Mar 8 07:17:46 2001

At Thu, 8 Mar 2001, wrote: >
>Have you told you doctor that you get sick with your prep using golytle? I
>always get sick on that stuff and nothing stays down. There are other things
>your doc can give you besides that stuff. It's not as effective, but at
>least you will be somewhat clean. Please call your doc and let her know what
>happens to you during your prep. ")
>Hugs and Love,
>New Hampshire

Hello Chrissie, I'm going to call her and have her change it. because i'm lucky if half of it will stay down. My colonoscopy is'nt until april 2 but i'm calling today to let them know.Plus i need something to help me sleep and my lactulose syrup , we got to talking and she forgot the script. What part of New Hampshire are you from? We moved out here from N.H. I lived in londonderry, i graduated in 1981 from Londonderry High school. so i'm very familiar with derry chester, manchester ect...

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