Re: CHAT: Need help to set up: from Dr. Wiseman

From: Colette (
Thu Mar 8 07:33:09 2001

At Thu, 8 Mar 2001, Dr. David Wiseman wrote: >
>Hi everyone. I need your help in finding a way to put a chat on our
>There has been a lot of talk here about setting up a chat room for the
>IAS. I certainly think it is needed.
>Kath Findlay in the UKAS has kindly offered her chat rrom to us. I have
>not been able to get into it, and it appears that others too have had
>this problem. Since many of our members are on AOL, this creates a big
> have offered the opportunity to use their chat rroms, but are
>the first to point out that the chat software they use is not that good
>and may crash. This has been my experience also. That is one of the
>reasons why we are not doing our monthly chats as before.

Dr. Wiseman, I have aol and this is just a suggestion! I know when you go to the top of the page and click on chat, then it say create chat room you can make your own chat, i'm really not that great with computers, but i'm wondering that maybe we could do it that way or contact AOL because i believe it covers most major internets. Or on the bottom of the buddy list for now we could have buddy chat just have everyone put in there screen names on this site. Like i said only a suggestiion! love Colette >So here is the challenge: I know there are ways of incorporating chat
>rroms into a web site. Perhaps some of the more Internet literate of
>you can look around and get back to me with some suggestions as to which
>systems are more reliable. Please let me have the web address of any
>system that you come up with.
>Some requirements:
>1. The system needs to work for all users. including AOL.
>2. Preferably it requires no software to download.
>3. Expense is minimal, although I would be willing to pay a one time
>4. Code can easily be inserted into our existing or newly created pages.
>6. It must show that it does not crash
>Thank you for your help.
>David Wiseman

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