Re: THE RIGHT TO BE PAIN FREE - is this for USA?

From: Helen Chalmers (
Thu Mar 8 08:38:26 2001

Dear Wally:

Unfortunately, this is just for the USA.

>>>New standards from the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare
>>>Organizations (JCAHO) say patients have a right to feel no pain. These
>>>standards require that healthcare organizations tell you that you have a
>>>right to pain relief: Many people do not know they do. Healthcare
organizations that do not provide effective pain relief can lose their >>>accreditation. Hospitals and surgery centers now cannot discharge you if your
>>>pain is intolerable. What's more, they must check on you at home to make sure
>>>you are pain-free.
>>>The new JCAHO standards apply to all kinds of pain, including chronic pain
>>>and pains from unknown causes. Every time a healthcare professional takes
>>>your pulse, temperature, and blood pressure, you should be asked if you are
>>>in pain. If you are, the examiner should ask about what your pain feels like,
>>>and how it responds to treatments.
>>You will never never know.......if you don't give it a go :)

Helen Chalmers

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