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Thu Mar 8 20:58:03 2001

Jenny, Hi. I was without my outlook express for a fe days because my friend tried to "renew " my computer. That worked as well as renewing me. The ob/gyn called me Tuesday morning.She kept aologizing that the surgery didn't work. To me, either that meant she did something wrong, she was on a guilt trip, or else she found my list of questions in her garbage. It upset my whole day, because she admitted she thought the surgery would help, and I'm wondering if it gets any better. Tomorrow my new family Dr. sends me for a pelvic CAT scan, with contrast. Can this test show if the bowel is pulled out of shape? The ob/gyn wouldn't order any CAT scan, or barium series,and that makes me wonder. I am usually on here late mornings, early afternoons, or after 8 p.m. Maybe sometime we'll be on here, and can "visit. " That would be nice. How are you doing? Love, Millie

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> Dear Toni,
> I have been going berserk for a few days. :) My friend deciced it was a
> good idea to restore my computer, so I have not had my outlook express for
a > few days, and I have been lost. Tuesday night, I went to the local e.r.
They > ordered xrays o f the abdomen, and the e.r. Dr. showed them to me, and
said > there wasn't much stool in there. I went to a new Dr. yesterday. He's a
> general practitioner. I told him what was going on, and gave him a copy of
> the surgical report. He is sending me for a pelvic CT scan tomorrow. I
> will write more later. Hope all is well. I missed all o f you.
> Millie

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> > At Wed, 07 Mar 2001, jenny low wrote:
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> > >Millie,
> > >
> > >Where are you? Are you okay? I haven't seen any posts from you today. I
> > >downloaded the MSN tonight. Sorry it wasn't done sooner. My hubby
wanted > to
> > >wait till we got our new computer and got it set up. You can reach me
now > > >when I am online. I am listed under so let me know
if > I
> > >am on when you are. Please email me anyway and tell me how you are.
> > >
> > >Love,
> > >Jenny

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