Re: Jim PLUS- Your opinions do count!!

From: Donna (
Fri Mar 9 05:18:32 2001

At Thu, 8 Mar 2001, Jean wrote:

After much consideration I felt the need to write this.

< Large snip >

Very well said Jean. Months ago I disagreed with something that was written on this board and I suffered for posting it, I was even call a spy representing some company trying to sell something. In fact this is my first post since then. Although an apology was extended the damage was done. I feel that if you can't share the knowledge you have gained, good or bad, from the experience you had have then what is the purpose of having this forum. What you get is a site that purports to want to include everyone and hear from everyone when in reality it zings you when you don't follow that collective thinking and follow the theme.

So again, very well said Jean, thanks for stating it so clearly.


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