Re: PLEASE HELP...if you are experiencing a similar situation...

From: Helen Dynda (
Fri Mar 9 18:54:17 2001

Dear Janet,

Since there is a similarity between your and her situations ( GI doctor and symptoms ), I am sure this lady will find your sharing to be especially meaningful.

This is exactly why I posted this message!! Only people, who have faced the same or similar circumstances, can share their truth regarding ARD with another person.

Thank you, Janet, for sharing from your experience!!

Love, Helen

~ ~ ~ ~

At Fri, 9 Mar 2001, Janet Karam wrote:

Dear Helen,

My GI told me the same thing after my colon resection( with 18" removed ), as far as stretching the colon goes...I think these doctors often assume that it is that simple because they don't understand that the etiology of adhesions...that even though surgery was performed on the large intestine, adhesions can form around the small intestines causing partial bowel obstructions.

Adhesions act as a noose in my small intestines, making it difficult for food and gas to pass through. My experience and symptoms are the same as this person describes. I also have trouble with my bladder, often even when it is full, I cannot go. Her colonoscopy will likely report normal findings, as mine did, as the scope does not reach the small intestine.

Meal replacement drinks are essential to me, and a more liquid mushy diet helps. Also your posting with the info on the low-residue diet should be helpful to her.



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