Hi Jenny ;-)) and of course my other darlinks ;-)

From: niko (nicko69@dingoblue.net.au)
Fri Mar 9 23:48:52 2001

Hi Jenny ;-))

Wow, that is a trying day foresure !!! but I must say, you seemed to have handled youself in a very upstanding way. I feel proud of you, and I don't know that well LOL I hope these tests do help them, on a positive note though, at least you know that you have this allergy, they won't be covering you in it in the future ;-))

I always try to find some positive, even in the darkest murkiest moments. It keeps me sane.

Jenny, please keep me informed of your results, I know we all need to know you are ok too !!!

Has anyone heard from Helen G?? I want to know if she's ok. I did ring the hospital on the day of her surgery, but she didn't have the phone connected. Such a bummer. I am a bit worried. Please let me know if your reading this and of course if your up to it ;-))

Love to you all Trace xo

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