Stacey......Re: adhesions attached to leg muscle

From: jenny low (
Sat Mar 10 00:04:19 2001


My surgery was February 16. I left the hospital with back pain. It has gotten worse. The first week after surgery I had the pressure feeling like everything was being shoved up under my ribs. I figured it was from swelling. It did go away. The back pain, like I said, has stayed and worsened. My lower left side is also hurting very badly again like it did before surgery. I had the CT done today. You can read about it. Hopefully they will find out something. I just want them to believe me. I know what it is though. You know, once you've had that pain, you know what it is when it comes back. I am thinking about asking the doctors about pain management myself. I hate the thought of being cut on again. Pain Management is exactly what it sounds like. You go to a doctor who deals with managing chronic pain. They try different methods to see what will work for you whether it is medicine or some other treatment they have. SOmeone can correct me if I am wrong on this. For some people it works very well, especially if they are not wanting surgery as an option. I hope you and I can get some relief soon. I have had enough of it to last several life times. Take care and let us know how your visit goes.

Love, Jenny

>To: Multiple recipients of list ADHESIONS
>Subject: Re: adhesions attached to leg muscle
>Date: Wed, 7 Mar 2001 07:57:17 -0600
>I had surgery for the exact same reason you did. 10-17-00 I had surgery
>because my instestines was wrapped in adhesions and stuck to the top of my
>vagina. I just had another surgery 01-31-01, because of complications and
>intestines had already stuck back, and now once again I am in the same pain
>and I know that the adhesions are back....I don't know what else to do. My
>PCP wants me to go to a pain clinic, I have never been to one of those
>before. Can anyone give me an idea as to what they do at pain clinics?
>so much

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