From: Linda Beebe (
Sat Mar 10 01:00:42 2001

Regina and other board members

First, I'd be real interested in knowing if Dr. Redan was in Mexico on business or pleasure. Seems if pleasure, it sure must be nice to take vacations on what we've paid for with pain!

I've watched this since Regina's first posting. A few years ago, I predicted this was going to happen to our medical profession and everyone in my circle of family and friends thought I was nuts...BUT at the time I had no insurance and needed surgery badly, and had to fight hell and high water to get it...and much embarrassment and humiliation, because I was treated like a second class citizen for the crime of being with out health insurance. Now it seems, the same sort of treatment is put forth if you don't happen to have enough money to put up front for certain specialized treatments...from some of the medical profession.

But folks, this is wrong in all respects, not just in our cases. I've seen people have to hock homes, and savings and have fund raising events to get their children specialized surgeries or treatments.

I sincerely believe we need to re-evaluate some of our basic ideas about what is 'capitalism' and what is 'exploitism" WHY do they need money UP FRONT??? Does the insurance not pay? IS this experimental surgery? What is the exact excuse they give for demanding this much money up front? Are we being exploited because we have a rather odd and rare condition? And these doctors claim to be the only specialists who deal with it? That sounds VERY much like exploitism to me!

I'm appalled!! I can remember WHEN being a Doctor was like having a "CALLING", such as a minister might have to preach ...if you know what I mean? Perhaps we ought to contact Patch Adams and find out WHO HE knows that might be good with adhesions? A Doctor who still believes in curing people instead of exploiting and making more money than is necessary for a particular procedure!

And Regina, there's always a counter suit, that he disturbed your privacy, caused you suffering and distress. I also have to ask, is his reputation SO endangered by ONE person's opinion on a email mailing list??? What is he afraid of? ARE we his ONLY patients? OR is this the source of the majority of them? mmmmm....curious. PUT a recorder by your phone, IF it happens again, get it on TAPE! Doctor's are not gods, and we should not bow down to them as such.

And that's my opinion... Sincerely Linda Beebe MY numbers in the book! ;-) wrote:

> To all members, this is Regina and I just had a very disturbing
> telephone
> conversation with Dr.Redan. Apparently he just returned from Mexico
> and
> heard about my "OPINION" and wasn't happy. He called me this evening
> at about
> 9:10p.m. He said he spoke with his "legal counsel" and basically
> threatened
> me if I didn't clarify myself I would be accused of "SLANDER". Then,
> get
> this, he wants me to "apologize" to Sue. Some (actually a lot) of
> you
> warned me about retaliation, but I am actually shocked that a doctor
> would
> actually call me at my home and harass me. He and his "legal counsel"
> want me
> to clarify and make my position of my "OPINION" perfectly clear and
> protect
> my career (which he basically implied could be at risk if I didn't)
> My
> posting was an opinion meant to "pass along" my personal experience
> with a
> very good practice which was unattainable to me. It was to the
> members of
> this posting board, those of us who are suffering. I will never
> apologize
> for my "opinion" and it certainly wasn't meant to get any one else
> upset--specifically "his" patients (which I was advised strongly to
> clarify).
> Please take it as only one persons "opinion" which was mine, and no
> one
> else's. If you read any of my subsequent postings you know I only
> wish the
> best for everyone and I truly was hoping that R&R could help me also.
> I am
> entitled to my "opinion" and I stick by it. I hope this teaches all
> of us to
> RECEIVED. It is not only my "opinion" that is out there. I am truly
> sorry to
> any patients which were unnecessarily upset and disturbed by my
> "opinion."
> Beware of ever trying to help folks, you too could receive a shocking
> and
> extremely upsetting telephone call too. I thought this was a free
> country,
> but Thanks to "legal counsel" it sadly isn't. If I can't afford the
> prepayment I certainly cannot afford a slander suit huh? Threatening
> a
> suffering and desperate patient--this is real compassion?!? I am
> still in
> shock and I am now in tremendous pain from crying writing this
> letter. I
> wish I could have recorded the conversation. I wish you all well.
> Again,
> this was only my opinion and was never meant to upset anyone. Best to
> all-stay strong and stand up for yourselves and your rights!
> Regina T.

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