From: Janet (
Sat Mar 10 01:33:40 2001

Dear all,

I hope that I will have your friendship and support next week. I have waited 3 months for my surgery in PA, part of me feels I have been waiting much longer. My surgery is scheduled at noon on Thursday.

I feel partly responsible for the contraversy that over the Adhesion Center in PA. I was very desperate when I visited the messageboard this past December. I had been dismissed by so many doctors, but felt my health and life slipping farther and farther away.

I feel that I can't live without the help of Dr.'s Reich and Redan...I really believe these doctors will save my life.

I confess that I have watched the messageboard like a hawk, as soon as I saw a newcomer post, I told them of the the clinic in PA. I have said that this is not the answer for everyone, I wanted to share my hope that is all.



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