Re: Having a bad day again

From: Millie (
Sat Mar 10 10:33:47 2001

Hi, Dawn, I'm sorry you're in so much pain. What is Clindex? Yesterday, I went for a pelvic CT scan with contrast. I wonder if it will show anything. Monday, I'm going to a local gastro, and see what he has to say. His receptionist had a fit when I told her that the other hospital and that ob/gyn are jerking me around about the med. records. When I called, I was again told that the ob/gyn either hasn't written the report of the hospital stay, or discharge summary ( it's been over 5 weeks.) - or else it hasn't been transcribed. The gastro's receptionist is going to get me to fill out one of theis med. records release forms, and she'll get them for me. She said I shouldn't have to pay for them. She says they're handing me a line of baloney. What else is new??:( I get agnry about the pain and the way we are told it's in our heads, or it's IBS. We are far from crazy. I had to quit taking the Endocet 2 days after I was home because of the way they slow the bowels down. Remember, you're NOT crazy. Never let anyone say you are. Take care, & feel better. Millie

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> Hey Millie
> I got back in to see Dr Wilson he said he didn"t feel in large tumors
like > before but
> That we already knew that the adhesions had a good chance of coming back.
He > said there was not an obstruction but I was backed up. He gave me
something > called
> Clindex and I go to the the bathroom now.I have been drinking the ensure
and > have a
> very small light meal at night.I am going to call him back Monday because
I > am having really severe pain in my pelvic area.Have been in bed for days
but > I didn't want anyone to be worried.I just get so angry when the pain gets
> that intense I feel like a crazy person.He said that the meds should help
but > it seems like the pain has gotten worse since I started taking these
pills.I > am just sick to death of hurting so bad.He explained that narcotics are
> constipating and we needed to try this alternative drug for now maybe I am
> just being crazy but this is hurting worse than when my gall bladder
ruptured > or the cyst on my ovaries ruptured I do not think its good for me to be in
> this much pain.Thanks for being there.
> Dawn

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