Re: Small Bowel (intestine) Adhesions

From: Suze (
Sun Mar 11 04:23:34 2001

Hi Donald, I,m sorry I really dont have any answers for you. I to have what they call frozen bowel now the adhesions have taken over and get told its a real mess in there ( big help) I am seeing another surgeon on tuesday to see if he can help. I know my last surgeon told me some people tend to *grow* them more than others so guess each of us are so different. He told me you can go into somoneone 20 times and they get little or none others you can go into once and they get mass adhesions. Hang in there hope all goes well for you and you wife. Suze

Donald Sayenga wrote:

> I could use some advice to shorten my research pathway.
> Last night my wife underwent her second major abdominal surgery in three
> weeks. The second was to relieve adhesions formed after the first. The
> first was to remove her colon due to detection of cancerous tumor in the
> cecum.
> This morning the surgeon told me my wife "as a tendency toward formation
> of adhesions in between the loops of the small intestine. He said two
> loops had formed and folded themselves backover and were locked into
> position by adhesions on the surface of the loops (not adhesion to the
> abdominal wall). He said there has been some R & D toward preventing
> adhesions to the wall, which are the primary problem, but almost no R &
> D on loop-to-loop adhesions.
> Can you lead me to any previous discussion of this - in
> ?
> Donald Sayenga

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