Re: Wonderful news from Dr. Redan & Dr. Gerhart's office!!!

From: Kate Murphy (
Sun Mar 11 09:36:51 2001

On 10 Mar 2001, at 15:05, Jean (from PA wrote:

> The gastroenterologist insisted I didn't have any blockages and was
> shoving that hose (or trying) through blockages anyway. I had to throw
> him off of my case and demand him to let a surgeon to look in there....I
> was right!
> I have since then heard of lots of people who had the procedure done and
> were out for it.
> I guess I will tell the doctor he may have one done on me only "if they
> knock me out" for it. I will still pray no-one punctures it.....I am a
> perfectioniist and couldn't handle wearing a bag! It is enough that I am
> walking with a crutch.


My first colonoscopy was dreadful nine years ago. Since then they have increased the drugs used -- demerol and versed -- and most people report just going to sleep and waking up when it is over. However, if there are adhesions present, the bowel may be fixed or narrowed and things can be harder.

That is why I now have a general and a pediatric scope. I am a little crampy afterwards, but nothing too bad.

Sigmoids are not done with sedation and can be quite painful if there are problems present. Since you have bleeding insist on the colonoscopy. It is more than indicated.

Since you bled after the rectal, there may be something quite close to the anal opening that is ulcerated or it may be the hemorroids. But we can only guess and we sure don't want our guesses to be wrong and leave you with a malignant disease left too long to be treated.

Celebrex can cause intestinal bleeding, but it's not safe to stop at that assumption.

As a member of the Colon Cancer Alliance, I hear very often of people who had rectal bleeding that was mistreated or ignored by physicians or dismissed as "just hemorroids."

Have you had a blood count?

Love and concern,


Kate Murphy

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