We must all 'Stick together'

From: Brenda (Kisnerace@aol.com)
Sun Mar 11 21:23:00 2001

Hello everyone, though I do no write often I read the message board every day. And you know how when one does not feel well tempers and patience flares. We need to remember this. I too suffer greatly, I have had surgeries that have ended really bad and then really well. I do know one thing guys. Don't ever think you are cured. I went to LA last year at this time and went through a very tramatic surgery to come out feeling great. But these last couple of weeks that awful nagging pain has seemed to reappear. Its the strength I receive from reading everyones posts that keeps me going. Your compassion and caring hearts keep alot of people's spirits up that you don't even know about. I pray for everyone here in pain and hope some day through all this this we together will find a cure.... Remember you are not alone in your suffering, and together we will make a difference.

Brenda Kisner

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