Proposition for Forgiveness

From: jenny low (
Sun Mar 11 22:25:06 2001

Hello everyone!

I am a little scared about doing this. I have watched the posts going back and forth. I have seen alot that would of been better left alone. I feel like even one little comment of what has been going on just adds fuel to the fire. The fact is there are alot of people on this board who are in pain in their bodies. We are supposed to be a support to each other, not fighting. We are all going to have differences in opinion. That is what makes us unique as individuals. I really don't want to leave this board. It has been my lifeline. I hate seeing others leaving as well. I think we all need each other and the support we can give. So here is my proposition, you can take it or leave it, but please know that I am sincere in even posting this because I care about all of you. I say, we all forgive each other if anyone has offended us on this board. I say we should not write any more posts AT ALL about this topic. Resist the urge! Resist the temptation no matter if someone writes about it and it upsets you. Email them privately. The more that this goes on the more people you will see leave this board. That makes this board weak. Weak vessels break. We need each others love and support. That is what will keep this board strong. That and also the individual advice is what's going to help because different things will work for different people. Please everyone forgive and forget and let's move on and bring the support back to this board. There are people here who need this now and are not getting it. They will end up going somewhere else. I know for a fact what great support this board can be because I have received it from here myself. I love all of you and hope that we can all put this mess behind us. Please don't be offended. Forgiveness is the most powerful tool that you have besides love. I think the two go hand in hand.

I hope you are all feeling no pain. I wish you all the best. I love you and thank you for your support and friendship.

Love and big hugs of healing(emotionally, mentally, and physically!) Jenny

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