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I am sorry to say that I disagree with you on that one. I think that we need to lead people to the physicians we know are performing successful procedures and away from those that I call the butchers....and there are a lot of them out there...ask me.

While I truly believe in offering support to my fellow sufferers, what is the point of this group if we can not guide them in hopefully securing successful treatment. There has to be more to listening to each other about how often we poop (sorry if this hurts anyone's feelings). I don't care to be a part of a group that is limited to that. I want to be able to tell people where they can try find freedom from their pain...I never offer any promises and I always let them know of the drawbacks. I think this list has to offer that....if it doesn't I will leave...because it helps me to help others.


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On 12 Mar 2001, at 10:00, wrote: If you look today, you will see new members asking for the names of qualified  surgeons, Whose names would you give?


I would give no names since I am not sure what "qualified" means. I would urge women to ask their surgeons about their experience, what their criteria were for choosing patients, and why they thought they might help them.

But I wouldn't give out names. In a private e-mail I might tell about a doctor that helped me personally or someone in my family that I knew well, but I wouldn't give out a name of a doctor who had not treated me or my family.

"Qualified" means lots of things. Until we define the term, we can't proceed with making recommendations.

In my city, the medical society will only provide a choice of several names when asked for a referral. The same is true of the helpline at the hospital.

I think we should consider very carefully using doctors' names on the website or this list.


Kate Murphy

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