Re: Where did you go 12 years ago?!!!

From: Sally Grigg (
Mon Mar 12 22:28:53 2001

Where did you go 12 years to be pain free today? Please e-mail me here or at Love and hope Sally Grigg

"Jean (from PA)" wrote:

> Well said Kate,
> I don't even think the entire issue with the money is not being able to
> afford it or even a doctor not being worth it.
> 1. If certain doctors "deserve so much more money than they charge"
> maybe some of the ones who think this way would want to "donate" maybe
> just a half million to that doctor out of the goodness of their heart,
> since their surgery was worth at least a million????
> 2. Why has the money and insurance been such a big secret??
> 3. I NEVER asked a doctor or his office if they accepted my insurance
> in the past and got a run-around and no answers.
> 4. I NEVER had to collect and send reports etc. "before" anyone would
> even be willing to answer a simple question of whether they accepted my
> insurance!
> 5. I ALWAYS "first" asked on the phone if they accepted my insurance
> and got an immediate straight answer "that I could believe".
> If they participated I made an appointment, if not I didn't waste my
> time!
> 6. Why did I and alot of others mysteriously get a "very friendly" call
> "after" there were posts on here of the uncooperativeness and
> un-friendly nature of a certain individual?
> 7. WHY are their spies or snitches on a web-site?....and for a doctor??
> 8. No-one even expected them to accept ALL insurances.
> 9. Not ALL insurances pay what medicare pays!!!!
> Others are not neccessarily doing "the bad thing or 2nd rate thing" if
> they choose to go somewhere else but some people make them feel like
> they are.
> We all make our own decisions and have the right to do so.
> It should be made based on facts and pros & cons of everything and
> everyone(and there will be pros & cons "everywhere")etc.
> If "I" am totally off-base why did I last 12 years this time? There are
> some successes everywhere but I doubt any are forever. Did ANYONE ask
> where I had gone 12 years ago?....of course not! From what I have seen I
> do think I have by far had the longest results of anyone on here.
> I feel as many others do, that this is suppose to be a support group,
> not a web-site promoting a select few doctors(very few)and bashing
> people who have the audasity to differ. It is ok to give people
> information when needed.
> If it is a doctor's support group than it either needs opened on their
> site or the name here needs to be changed.
> If you ever notice....there is VERY LITTLE converstaion when it involves
> any other doctors. You definitely feel overwhelming pressure to go to
> certain doctors.
> I normally have my own mind and am not easily swayed or talked into
> things but I definitely felt the pressure and was accepted when I gave
> in to it.
> It definitely hampered my thinking because I too was desperate and only
> hearing & seeing what others wanted me to see & hear. I saw things
> "their way".
> Why should I be pressured into going to a doctor hours away and paying
> allot of money if I have a good doctor willing to do surgery right here?
> I think my doctors would be appauled to know they are considered 2nd
> rate doctors!
> I NEVER said my doctor who did surgery 12 years ago was "the best their
> is" and yet I guess he would qualify if I lasted "12 years". Much less
> time than that has qualified other doctors....and I was also much better
> after EVERY adhesion surgery. I never realized I was such a unique
> case.
> Just try to say something negative or questionable about certain doctors
> or policies and look out, yet anyone can say anything negative about
> other doctors with no fear at all of bashing!
> There is VERY LITTLE excitement when it comes to any other doctor or
> technique.
> Decent people are leaving this site or sitting back quitely because of
> the way things are being handled here....not because of Regina!!! Will
> this not end????
> She was just one of the first to have the nerve to speak up. Shame on
> someone for breaking the sacred rule!
> People can make what they want out of it....I for one appreciate honesty
> and did not see it as slandering!!!
> If they don't want honesty than we better drop the doctor's name from
> this web-site altogether.
> You know the saying: "If you can't stand the heat get out of the
> kitchen!"
> JEAN (from PA)
> At Sat, 10 Mar 2001, Kate Murphy wrote:
> >
> ><FontFamily><param>Times New Roman</param><bigger>On 9 Mar 2001, at 21:07, wrote:
> >
> ><color><param>0000,0000,A000</param><FontFamily><param>arial,helvetica</param><bigger><bigger>To all members, this is Regina and I just had a very
> >disturbing telephone 
> >conversation with Dr.Redan. Apparently he just
> >returned from Mexico and 
> >heard about my "OPINION" and wasn't happy.
> >
> >Regina,
> >
> >Outrageous! Don't be intimidated. You related an
> >experience, the same as many people do everyday
> >on the Internet.
> >
> >I am so glad that you brought up the issue of
> >payment for this surgery. It is important
> >information for all of us to have.
> >
> >We need to know our own strength and know that
> >we can help ourselves, that we are not trapped into
> >a very limited set of choices.
> >
> >Too often the message is that unless we can afford
> >or are willing to make a huge family sacrifice to go
> >to Germany or Pennsylvania, there is no help.
> >
> >Yet, we have heard of wonderful results with
> >acupuncture, with diet changes, with pain
> >management. We are NOT helpless or victims.
> >
> >Kate
> >
> ><nofill>
> >
> >--
> >Kate Murphy
> >
> >

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