ias meeting

From: Ccryder730@aol.com
Tue Mar 13 03:52:59 2001

Helen, apparently there was a meeting. I tried to attend but the info desk at Scott Hall had no knowledge of it so I went back home. Very frustrating. Can you fill me in on what was discussed. Maybe minutes of the meeting. What was your impression of Dr. Diamond? I had especially wanted to hear his views as I am considering a visit to him. I have been turned down by my ob/gyn after she tried to do and laproscope and couldn't get in because of massive adhesions. Then the laproscopic surgeon she recommend wouldn't even take me on. Dr. Wiseman had given me his name (Diamond) and I thought this meeting would be the perfect time to get an impression of him without an actual appt. being made first. I was in tears most of yesterday after coming back home. I had really been looking forward to that meeting! Are there any more scheduled for the near future in Michigan? Thank you all for your support.


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