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Tue Mar 13 11:38:10 2001

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> Hi kate
> thought i would reply to your email. I myself ended up with a
> colostomy 5yrs ago NOT due to a stretching of the colon but having my
> ovaries removed, the surgeon accidently cut my bowel and bladder. I know
the > thought of a colostomy frightens people, but in MY OWN experience I
managed > to cope with it(well I had to ) it was coming to terms with what had
> happened and my own opinion of what others must have been thinking about
me. > 7 months later i had it reversed and although it was excruciatingly
painful > at the time of the reversal, I didnt have half as many problems as i do
now. >
> Somtimes I regret making the decision to have my bowel re-sectioned again,
> at least then I could live life fuller than I can now.
> As so many people have already stated things CAN go wrong unfortunately,
but > I had to make the best of what I had.If it meant me having a better
quality > of life than I do now then I would opt for another colostomy.I even asked
my > surgeon if he would consider me having another one, needless to say his
> reply was unless there is a clinical obstruction then no.
> I did actually suffer from peritonitis and its not a very pleasant
> experience to go through, I know I went through the tunnel to God, but
> fortunately my time was not up.
> Please dont think i'm being negative, but people must hear what its like
to > end up having peritonitis or a colostomy.
> I guess I was just very unfortunate
> hope this helps alittle
> regards
> jackie B England

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