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Tue Mar 13 13:34:22 2001

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With my insurance, I need referrals. I'm going to give my internist another chance.....everything else I see her for, she really has helped with. I have an appointment with her next week and I'll brace her with the pain mgmt referral again. I know that it is a good idea to rule out other diseases/problems but I don't think I have been aggressive enough about the pain!

I also have been dealing with chronic depression and sometimes I think she thinks the depression causes the pain (it can)......I haven't gotten through to her that it is more likely that in my case, the pain is causing the depression! I'm going to see if my therapist will write her a letter.....I had been on the upswing from my bout of depression when this pain got worse. I am holding steady, but I know how quickly one can hit bottom emotionally if all our medical needs aren't met. (Took me a long time to admit that, too!)

Thanks for responding.

>Dear Rose, you have right to pain relief that works for you. Have you thought
>of going to get different doctors opinions? We're here for you to talk with
>us. Hugs, prayers and welcome to this site, Sally Grigg

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