Re: The UKS chatroom/HIGH RISK?

From: Sally Grigg (
Tue Mar 13 15:44:12 2001

When I tried to go to the UKS chat room, I received a message that it was a high risk activity. What does this mean? Does it mean we are exposing our computers to hackers? Would somebody please explain, if they can?Sally Grigg

KathFindlay wrote:

> Dear Helen,
> When you first go into the chat room there is a grey square comes up, if you
> wait a few moments it will change to blue with a box for your name/nickname.
> you put your name in and then press connect. the square turns black with a
> grey panel down the side with the names of the people who are in the room.
> Azmodie is the nickname of the moderator and my name is Elastikate. It is
> best to ask someone to chat with you at a specific time. Everyone is having
> difficulty because they are all going in at different times and missing each
> other. I had a good chat with Jean tonight.
> Love Kath
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> Subject: Welcome To The UKAS Chat Room......Url has been corrected!
> Dear Kath,
> I am puzzled! I went to the UKAS Chat site; and all I see is a completely
> grey screen...with no writing. Are there problems?
> Love, Helen

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> Subject: Welcome To The UKAS Chat Room......Url has been corrected!
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